New Projects Planned For Jávea

Jávea Council are putting in place a plan to build two new establishments for public use in the town. The plans submitted and drafted are for a new municipal school and a second covered sports hall. These new projects will be added to the already underway community pool.

The cost of these projects is thought to be 30.5 million euros and 120 million euros respectively.

Municipal School

Following guidance from the department of education Jávea will build a new municipal school. It will be built on a plot halfway between the old town and the Port, close to the current school Trenc D'Alba.

The school will include two units for children from 1-2; two units for children 2-3 and specific baby area to cater to the needs of younger children. The area for "babies" is particularly new and not often seen in municipal schools in the area.

More so than a school this will be a nursery, although the name suggests otherwise. With new legislation coming in to place about when and where a nursery can be established, this will help to alleviate some of the strain on other schools. The building will contain toilets within classrooms, a kitchen area for home cooked food and a communal area.

Sports Hall

The second sports hall is being proposed on the site of the old football pitch. This ground is no longer used for football due to being an outdated sand pitch that does not comply with regulations anymore. The project will include the demolition of many ofthe current structures and newer modern sports hall being erected in their place.

This development is following on from the plans laid out by the Department For Sport with a total of 4000 square metres available to build tennis courts, multi-use rooms and spaces for many varieties of sport. This construction will help many of the local sports teams to have more time to train and part-take in their chosen activities.

These projects stand out as great social innovation projects for the town. Attending to the needs of the people in an international community.